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Gender: Male
Date of Birth: January 22, 1974
Account Location: Hunan / Linxiang City
Nationality: Chinese
Education: College
Schools: Xiangtan University
※ more than 15 years of plastic products and hardware product development experience. On the wall switch / socket products have a very thorough understanding
※ There is product development project design and management experience, proficient in the design and development of electrical products at home and abroad, familiar with the domestic
Safety knowledge outside electrical products. Such as: (GB16915, GB2099, BS1363, BS5733, IEC60669, IEC60884 VDE0620-1 UL1681)
※ electrician product quality management experience (OIA won the ISO9000 Certificate), familiar with the testing and certification of electrical products ways.
※ who has worked in the domestic electrical industry leading companies such as space-based Electric (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Chicago Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. Shanghai flying birds. Fully aware of and understand the success of well-known enterprises in the production and management of road.
※ work adaptability, good communication. Can withstand strong pressure of work. He has many years of experience in team management

work experience:
▌ Shanghai Flying Eagle Electric (2014-09 ~ 2015.10)
Company Type: Private (Shanghai Songjiang)
Hold office: R & D Project Manager
Job Description: Responsible for domestic switch socket design of new products. Proofreading and audit engineers structural drawings.
Achievements: developed 86 products for the domestic market a demand, the production was officially listed on 1 August.

▌ Ningbo, Zhejiang Electric Bulls (2012-02 - 2014-09)
Company Type: Private (Ningbo)
Hold office: product design engineer
Job Description: Responsible for new product development and design company. Optimization and standardization of design drawings mold development process.
Achievements: participate in the development Bulls G10 and G04 series (IMR colorful), led the development of the Bulls first surface mounted series
Products (2014 sales of nearly one hundred million, two hundred million planned in 2015). The development of a single product with a public-year patent products could not pull off
Sockets and now network selling the five-hole with a USB socket. He led the team to successfully optimize the product design and development processes,
Drawings and objects to achieve standardization standardization of new products.

▌ Guangdong Fukuda Electric (2010-01 - 2012-02)
Company Type: Private (Guangdong Shunde)
Position held: Project Engineer
Job Description: Responsible for leading the company's new foreign products from design to production tracking.
Achievements: develop a variety of products are now sold in more than 10 countries and regions around the world (such as India, Pakistan, Egypt and Israel in the Middle East). The main development of a large series, "British standard series." This series has been certified safe by Hong Kong BSI. Praised by foreign investors.

▌ Space-based Electric (2000-05 - 2009-12)
Company Type: Hong Kong enterprises (Shenzhen)
Hold office: product design engineer, assistant general manager of the technical department
Job Description: Responsible for new product design; trial production; with mold and other development work. Representatives, general manager of communication with foreign customers, technical exchanges and cooperation. Preliminary work with foreign customers planning new product design together.
Achievements: participate in the development days Jiya Landis, Zi series, Peugeot family and the nobility series 1-4. And British GET (now part of Schneider's) customers to successfully plan the space-based aristocratic family of pre-development work.
MediaTek Electric (Space-based Electric predecessor) (1996-03 ~ 2000-2) has served in the United generator quality engineers and managers on behalf of assistant to the manager on behalf of the company successfully passed the ISO9000 management system certification.
I am committed to switches and sockets and other electrical product design and development work has been nearly five years of work experience. In the meantime, we have accumulated rich experience in product design and production electrician. Proficient GB, British standard, German standard, American Standard, meaning standard product design and development. Good length with foreign customers and technological exchanges and cooperation. I am flexible design ideas, good understanding and analysis of the market, with the industry professionals willing to conduct regular technical exchanges.
Abide by the motto: Details determine success or failure.